Sunday, November 22, 2009

Joe The Head of Security

So this guy's eating some eggs for breakfast at a restaurant of a Native American casino and he notices a (Native American) security man watching him intently. The man calls over the manager and asks "Who is that guy watching me eat?"

"Oh, that's just Joe, the head of security. He has such an excellent memory that we don't need to buy a security camera."

As the man is checking out of the hotel, he runs into Joe the security guy. Deciding to see how good Joe's memory actually was, the man asked him "What did I eat for breakfast?"

Joe thinks for a moment and replies monotonously, "Hmm. Eggs."

Well, that was what he ate, so the satisfied man checks out of the hotel and goes back to his job.

Five years later, the man is back at the casino and he recognizes Joe standing in the corner with a watchful eye. The man (not feeling particularly politically correct) walks up to Joe, gives a greeting salute and says "How."

Joe looks sternly at the man for a while, then says "Hmm. Scrambled."

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